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Dialysis Training
At DWN - Dialysis Training, we organise on - site (dialysis centre) local training covering all aspects of dialysis, which includes the followings:
  • Acute Dialysis.
  • Chronic Dialysis.
  • Plasmapheresis( T-PEX, T-PAP, HP).
  • Application Training.
  • Water Treatment for dialysis (Bonus).
  • Workshop/Seminar on Dialysis.
DWN - International Dialysis Training in Armenia and Ukraine is exclusively meant for Nurses, Doctors, Dialysis Technicians, Biomedical & Engineers. Covering all Medical/Nursing/Technical aspects of dialysis and delivered by world class/renowned Nephrologist, Dialysis Technician & Nephrology Nurse.


  • H. Ugonabu
  • V. Barseghyan
  • G. Sargysyan
  • H. Hovhannisyan
  • I. Shushan
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