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  • skullo Nephrology
    Nephrology practice in Naija is backward.
    2514 days agoComment
    • mcphilix2013 Why say so? just inquiring.
       02495 days ago
    • skullo There are evidences in several dialysis centres that dialysis profesiionals (doctors, nurses, technicians) are not adequately trained with regards to dialysis in naija. The practise is poor.
      Investigate and you will be convinced, only few that decide to develop, themselves oversea tend to deliver and know to a very large extent what it takes to conduct dialysis in total. Thanks.

       12494 days ago
    • ruby So true@skullo.... Dats y we av mediums lyk dis 2 kip us abreast of new reformz in d practise n bring us 2geda in order 2 create a revolutn in d practise.
       12461 days ago
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