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  • Nigeria Vaccinates Frontline Health Workers On DWN COVID-19
    Nigeria Vaccinates Frontline Health Work...
    Nigeria on Friday launched vaccination against COVID-19, beginning with health workers who have been in the frontline since the onset of the pandemic last year.   Cyprian Ngong, a doctor at the National Hospital in Abu[...]
    Date Posted: 05/Mar/2021
  • Young Patient with CRF Cum Associated Bilateral Exudative Retinal Detachment On DWN RENAL
    Young Patient with CRF Cum Associated Bi...
    Introduction: Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a multi-systemic disease affecting different organ systems of the body. Ocular manifestations of chronic renal disease include squint, subconjunctival hemorrhage, vitreous hemorrhage, neovascular gl[...]
    Date Posted: 05/Mar/2021
  • 55 Year Old Man Dies On Self Dialysis On DWN DIALYSIS
    55 Year Old Man Dies On Self Dialysis On...
    A 55-year-old man has been found dead on a self-dialysing machine in a remote Roebourne clinic.   The death of the man, whose body was reportedly found hooked up to a dialysis machine in the Pilbara clinic, is not bein[...]
    Date Posted: 04/Mar/2021
  • Evercare Group Opens New Facility In Nigeria On DWN UPDATE
    Evercare Group Opens New Facility In Nig...
    A healthcare group operating hospitals, clinics and facilities across Africa and South Asia, Evercare Group’s latest facility helps to support the advancement of medical care across Nigeria, explains Massimiliano Colella, CEO, Evercare G[...]
    Date Posted: 03/Mar/2021
  • Ebola Outbreak In Guinea Cum Swift Vaccination On DWN EBOLA
    Ebola Outbreak In Guinea Cum Swift Vacci...
    On 14 February, the government of Guinea declared an Ebola outbreak after three people tested positive in Gouécké, a rural community. As of 2 March, 17 cases have been reported (13 confirmed and four probable) with seven deaths.[...]
    Date Posted: 03/Mar/2021
  • Covax Shots Delivered In Nigeria, Kenya And Angola On DWN COVID-19
    Covax Shots Delivered In Nigeria, Kenya ...
    Millions of coronavirus shots from the global Covax scheme have arrived in Nigeria, Angola and Kenya, as African countries ramp up their vaccine rollouts.   Richer countries have surged ahead with vaccinations but many[...]
    Date Posted: 03/Mar/2021
  • Parasitic Infections May Prevent Disease And Aging On DWN RESEARCH
    Parasitic Infections May Prevent Disease...
    Through centuries of evolution, the human body and its surrounding environments have adapted to improve health and promote longevity. For example, the increasing emphasis on hygiene has been effective in combating parasites that cause disease.[...]
    Date Posted: 07/Feb/2021
  • JOHESU Tackled By NMA Over MDCN Repeal Bill On DWN SPOTLIGHT
    JOHESU Tackled By NMA Over MDCN Repeal B...
    The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has denied the claim by the Joint Health Sectors Union, JOHESU, that the ongoing Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Repeal and Reenactment Bill, being pushed by the Senate was aimed at regulating only[...]
    Date Posted: 07/Feb/2021
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