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Directory of Dialysis Center Service (DDCS) across Nigeria and Africa. A guide for visitors and tourists coming to Nigeria and Africa. Know the best practice dialysis centres, services offered, grading and lots more.

DWN grading is based on dialysis centres visitations and public opinions.

DWN Dialysis Centre Grading

  • Grade A –  90-100%    EXCELLENT
  • Grade B –  70-89%      VERY GOOD
  • Grade C –  50-69%      GOOD
  • Grade D –  30-49%      POOR
  • Grade E –  10-29%      VERY POOR
  • Grade F–   0-9%        NON- OPERATIONAL
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Centre State Address Contact Grade
Molly Specialist Hospital, Ibadan Oyo 6, American Qrts., Yidi Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State. +2348059157081, +23428101415 - 6
O L A Catholic Hospital, Oluyoro Oyo 31 Eleyele Road, Oluyoro, Ibadan , Oyo State, Nigeria +23428106566
University College Hospital, Ibadan Oyo Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadan, Private Mail Bag 5017, Oyo State, Nigeria +2348077690946, +2348023451458, +23429031012,
Zoe Specialist Mission Hospital Oyo 4 Adeogun Street, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria +2348134135490