DWN Consults - Dialysis World Nigeria - DWN |Center|Setup|Consumables|Equipments|Procurement|Operations|Management|Recruitment
DWN offers expert consultation/explicit services with regards to the following;
  • Dialysis Centre Set up.
  • Dialysis Centre Operations.
  • Dialysis Centre Management.
  • Dialysis Centre Personnel Recruitment.
  • Sourcing Buyers For Dealers Of Dialysis Equipments/Consumables.
  • Procurement Of Medical/Dialysis Equipments.
  • Procurement Of Dialysis Consumables.
  • Procurement Of Medical Consumables.
  • Medical Tourism Services (MTS).
  • Public Relations (PR) Services To Foreign/Local Companies.
NB: Our CONSULTATION FEES ranges from $1000 (N450,000) for single/private individuals to $5,000 (N2,250,000) for large/vast cooperations depending on scale of project to be accomplished.
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