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Brazil Truncates Data, Hides Rising Death Toll on DWN COVID19
Date Posted: 09/Jun/2020   Deadline: 09/Jun/2009

Brazil has removed from public view months of data on Covid-19 in the country, as President Jair Bolsonaro defended delays and changes to official record-keeping on what is the world's second-largest outbreak.


Brazil's Health Ministry removed the data from a website that had documented the epidemic over time and by state and municipality.


The ministry also stopped giving a total count of confirmed cases, which have shot past 672,000 – more than anywhere outside the United States – or a total death toll, which passed Italy this week, nearing 36,000 yesterday.


"The cumulative data ... does not reflect the moment the country is in," Mr Bolsonaro said on Twitter, citing a note from the ministry. "Other actions are under way to improve the reporting of cases and confirmation of diagnoses."


Mr Bolsonaro has played down the dangers of the pandemic, replaced medical experts in the Health Ministry with military officials and argued against state lockdowns to fight the virus, hobbling the country's public health response.


Neither Mr Bolsonaro nor the ministry gave a reason for erasing most of the data on the covid.saude. gov. br website, which had been a key public resource for tracking the pandemic.


The page was taken down on Friday and reloaded yesterday with a new layout and just a fraction of the data.


Late on Saturday, the ministry reported 27,075 new confirmed infections and 904 related deaths since its Friday update.


The global death toll due to the coronavirus is nearing 400,000, with fatalities accelerating in Latin America.




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