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Major Cause of Increasing Renal Failure in Nigeria on DWN RENAL
Date Posted: 05/Mar/2020   Deadline: 05/Mar/2009

A Consultant Pathologist, Dr. Wale Ajala, has condemned ‘indiscriminate’ consumption of herbal alcoholic drinks among Nigerians, saying it increasingly leads to rise in kidney failure.


Ajala, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Help Diagnostics and Checkup Services, Lagos, said regulatory agencies must check the safety of herbal alcoholic drinks, especially those distributed in sachets, describing them as “concoctions.”


“Checking the influx and safety of those herbal alcoholic drinks has become imperative; otherwise, many Nigerian youths risk chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease, because they consume these products the more,” he said.


Ajala spoke during a medical outreach to over 2,000 Mushin, Lagos, residents, organised by the Bunmi and Ajibola Healthcare Foundation, a non-governmental organization, in collaboration with the Help Diagnostics and Checkup Services.


The residents were screened for malaria, hypertension, diabetes, and hepatitis B, while free drugs were offered to those who tested positive to any of the ailments.


Advising participants to be mindful of their lifestyle particularly what they consume, Ajala said, “It is horrible the way we are seeing the markers of kidney diseases these days. The youths are largely affected, based on what we are seeing.


“Kidney failure is increasing by the day in Nigeria and renal dialysis is so expensive.


“The increase is coming from indiscriminate consumption of alcoholic drinks, mixed with different herbs that are produced in various forms and sachets.


“Early in the morning, in different corners of the state, you see youths gather in groups to gulp those concoctions all in the name of getting high.


“Some of them consume the drinks more on weekends to generate strong erection.




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