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Registered Nurse suspended after glassing man on DWN BIZZARE
Date Posted: 01/Aug/2017   Deadline: 01/Aug/2017

Claire Singleton, 26, had necked five double vodkas on Boxing Day 2015 when she drunkenly felt a man she knew had failed to 'acknowledge her properly'.


The nurse, who works at Salford Royal Hospital, first punched him, then threw a pint glass at his face before wandering back to dance as her victim lay bleeding.


Last year at Bolton Crown Court she was branded 'loutish and callous' by a judge but avoided jail thanks to glowing colleague character references.


But now a Nursing and Midwifery Council's conduct panel in London has banned her from practising for a year.


They found her actions brought the 'nursing profession into disrepute' and she had 'breached the fundamental tenants of nursing'.


However, they accepted she showed genuine remorse for her behaviour as she pleaded to avoid a ban by stressing how much she loved her job caring for patients.


Their ruling stated: 'You (Singleton) told the panel you felt disgraced and ashamed when you looked back at your conduct on 26 December 2015 and that such behaviour was "out of character" and "alien to you".'


On Boxing Day, 2015, Singleton was in Yates' bar, in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and had consumed about five double vodkas.


Singleton, of Farnworth, Bolton, spotted a Brian Lowe, a man she knew, but was left in a bizarre rage when she felt he had failed to 'acknowledge her properly'.


Her sentencing at Bolton Crown Court, in June 2016, heard how Mr Lowe and his wife Joanne had been out when they popped into Yates' at about 10pm.


Shortly afterwards he spotted Singleton, whom he had known in the past through friend, and they exchanged greetings.


But as he was leaving he felt someone collide with him in the busy bar and realised he had been pushed by Singleton.


The court heard she fumed: 'What are you not acknowledging me for?'


Prosecutor Karen Brooks said Singleton then stepped back and punched a shocked Mr Lowe on the cheek.


The court heard Mr Lowe's wife pushed her away but then Singleton, who had been drinking heavily, threw a glass which shattered in his face.


'She then walked away to the dance floor and continued dancing,' said Miss Brooks.


Mr Lowe needed four stitches to a 3cm cut in his chin and has had to spend £1,239 on dental repairs.


But she avoided jail after colleagues spoke out on her behalf - and the court heard she had endured a tough week as three of her patients had died.


Rosalind Emsley-Smith, defending, said the assault came at the end of a particularly bad week at work for Singleton, who works in the heart care unit.


Miss Emsley-Smith said three of the nurse's patients had died, including one she was particularly distressed about - as the death happened while she was on a break.


The lawyer stressed: 'She had an extraordinarily difficult week and reacted to that badly.'


The court was told Singleton - who had no previous convictions - had sought counselling.


Miss Emsley-Smith, who stressed staff described her as an 'exemplary' nurse, added: 'This court can be satisfied there will be no repeat of such criminality.'


At her criminal court sentencing she was given a 12 month suspended sentence and ordered to pay Mr Lowe £3,000 compensation - and £500 prosecution costs.


But despite allowing her to walk free, Judge Ahmed Nadim branded her 'loutish' and 'callous'.


He told her: 'The kind of behaviour you engaged in can properly be described as loutish.


'It is all the more worrying that someone of your background and character should engage in such behaviour.


'You have compromised, by your actions, all that you have worked for.


Source: DailyMailUk, DWN Africa.


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