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Kidneys Of A Nigerian Man (Isah Hamman), Ripped Off By A Quack Doctor on DWN HORROR
Date Posted: 12/Nov/2016   Deadline: 12/Nov/2016

Isah's kidneys were removed at a hospital in Jimeta, Adamawa state by a quack doctor who thought they were tumors. Isah has been at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital receiving medical attention. The state governor, Bindo Jibrilla, donated N5 million towards his treatment but plans to take him out of the country for a transplant hasn't been fulfilled.


Audu Bulama Bukarti who visited him at the hospital yesterday, gave an update. Please read below..


The photos insitu are pictures of Isah Hamman, a 23-year old whose both kidneys were negligently removed by a Doctor in Jimeta, Adamawa state in the course of an appendectomy (surgical removal of appendix) about 3 months ago. He removed the kidneys and gave them to the victim's parents to bury saying that is their son's sickness.


This is case generated a lot of public outcry and at the end the Adamawa State Government promised to sponsor a transplant for him. The government has donated the sum of N5, 000, 000 out of which over a million naira has so far been spent on dialysis, feeding and other expenses.

This young man is currently at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital where he is receiving medical attention. I paid him a visit yesterday at his relatives' invitation. As you can see from the pix, I met him undergoing dialyses. He undergoes atleast 3 dialysis sessions every week and each dialyses takes over 4 hours.


From observation and the patient's testimony, the personnel at AKTH are very diligent and devoted to this patient care. However, the hospital lacks sufficient equipments to conduct a successful transplant. The victims kidneys were removed more than 3 months ago. He has no kidney at all. But he is waiting for transplant. Hospital sources told me that one of the things delaying transplant is that there is a test they cannot do in Nigeria whose result they are waiting for, from abroad. Since my visit, I have not got the peace of mind that this young Nigerian would have a successful transplant here.


My discussions with experts reveal that about N10 million will be sufficient for transplant abroad. I therefore call on the Federal Government, the Wife of the President, any state government or philanthropies to extend their helping hands as quickly as possible in order to fly this brother of ours to India, Egypt or any country for kidney transplant. This young man's case is unique and requires your unique magnanimity and generosity. After this stage, we will take up the matter against the doctor, his hospital, his employers and supervisors. Please share this to save your brother.


Share until it gets to someone who can help. SHARE UNTIL WE SAVE THIS LIFE. Audu Bulama Bukarti.



It should be worthy to note that the so called doctor who performed the surgery and carried out this gruesome atrocity might actually be a registered medical doctor with M&DCN.


He should be properly investigated, his practicing license stripped off, prosecuted and if found guilty be sentenced in line with the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria.


DWN Africa recalls a similar event which occurred at Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, Nigeria on 14th December, 2012 when a Nephrology Nurse Specialist / Haemodialysis Clinical Application Specialist suggested/advised/warned a Consultant Nephrologist (Name With-held) not to carry out a Central Venous Catheterization (Internal Jugular Access) creation, owing to the fact that the Consultant was not trained to perform such procedure and its not within his limits of practice. He deliberately ignored all necessary suggestions/advise/warnings initiated by the Nephrology Nurse to invite a Vascular Surgeon or Cardio-thoracic Surgeon to perform the procedure.

This act of negligence lead to the spontaneous death of a young, vibrant and friendly dialysis patient upon insertion of the probe within the neck region of the patient which was supposed to pierce into the internal jugular vein inadvertently pierced the right carotid artery and in a jiffy his pulse dropped and within 2-3 minutes he became a corpse with blood splashing all over the dialysis unit.


This case has not been prosecuted till date and the relevant authorities that were supposed to initiate thus have all carpeted the case with intentions of protecting the image of the healthcare facility cum financial damages to be incurred.


Above all, the similarity between JUSTICE AND DESTINY is that both might be delayed but someday will certainly turn to fruition.

If it is not initiated by men, it will certainly be initiated by the controller of the universe Himself (God).


Courtesy: DWN Team.


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