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Coffee And Its Effect On CKD Patients on DWN NEPHRO
Date Posted: 05/Nov/2016   Deadline: 05/Nov/2016

Some say that coffee is good for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients while others say that it's bad. However, coffee in moderation is not bad for the CKD patients. If you are on dialysis then you should restrict your intake to 4 oz. to remain within your fluid restriction. Nephrologist, Dr. Shamik Shah, MD suggests, "As a general rule, I advise my patients to limit their intake of caffeine. Caffeine may increase your blood pressure. Also, it may act as a bladder irritant and as a diuretic. However, drinking a couple of cups of coffee should not be problematic." If you are not on a fluid restriction, a whole cup of coffee is acceptable (115 mg potassium, 8 mg phosphorus) but if you drink lots of coffee then your potassium could add up and create issues with Hyperpotassium.


A Harvard Medical School study released in 2012 revealed that coffee has health benefits that may actually be good for the general population and many of the findings can be attributed to the CKD Community. Coffee contains antibiotics that may offer some cardiovascular protection, and research is showing that it reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes. The drink may also have anti-cancer properties as coffee drinkers were 50 percent less likely to get liver cancer than non-drinkers.


Gallstones are less likely to be an issue among coffee drinkers who also seem to be protected against Parkinson's Disease, if male. Although it is true that a cup of coffee can temporarily kick up your blood pressure , results from long-term studies suggest that coffee may not increase the risk of high blood pressure overtime as previously thought. Instead people have shown to develop a "tolerance" to coffee's hypertensive effects.


There are serious risk factors associated with regular consumption of coffee such as aorta irritation and increased cholesterol levels. Having coffee in excess can cause problems for people with CKD but having it in moderation, while paying attention to your fluid intake may protect against a range of diseases. However, it is one thing to say that coffee may be good for you; it's another to say it's so good for you that drinking it should be recommended. Hence, we are not recommending that you go out of your way to incorporate coffee into your diet. All of the favorable studies state that all of the seemingly healthful ingredients in coffee are good news for current coffee drinkers. They can relax and enjoy without worrying about significant health issues if done in moderation! On the other hand, people who do not drink coffee can find plenty of other things to do to help keep themselves healthy. In any case, you should talk to your Dietitian before augmenting ANY part of your recommended diet.


Source: Kbuzz, DWN Africa.


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