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Habits that lead to infertility on DWN FAN COLUMN
Date Posted: 03/Nov/2015   Deadline: 03/Nov/2015

A homosapien’s body is created in a very delicate fashion. Dr. Oyeyemi Olusegun Adeniyi say, We have to be very careful about the habits we adopt as some of them can prove to be dangerous for vital functions of our body. Reproduction is one of theprimary functions our body is responsible for, but our some habits can prove to be hazardous and can cause infertility.

Some of the habits that cause infertility are given below:

Over consumption of caffeine:

Top of the list in habits that cause infertility is over consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is present in small quantities in tea and coffee and in very large amount in cigarettes, cigars and sheesha. Dr. Oyeyemi Olusegun Adeniyi further say, Over consumption of caffeine as much as 300mg in any form is reported to decrease sperm count and mobility. Researchers have proved that smoking 20 cigarettes a day kills up to 50%

of the sperms. Two cups of coffee, six cups of tea and caffeinated cola also have adverse effects.

Acts that cause overproduction of heat:

It is common knowledge that for proper testicular function their presence below 2 degree centigrade, from the normal body temperature is necessary. This is why testis descends at the time of birth in scrotal sac. Habits that cause infertility due to over production of heat includes use of laptop while on the lap, over exercise and frequent hot baths.


Next on the list of habits that cause infertility is being overweight. Obesity cause decrease in production of gonadotropin releasing hormone from the hypothalamus (a hormone responsible for the production of other gonadotropic hormones from the testicular glands) thus causing hypogonadism. This can lead to testicular failure causing complete infertility.


Consumption of as little as one glass of alcohol can decrease your fertility by 50%. It is counted as one of the habits that cause infertility because it reduces testosterone production and mutations in germ cells, ultimately reducing sperm count.


Some are habitual stress takers. It is still debatable that stress and depression is one of the habits that cause infertility or one of the results of infertility. Researchers have proved that during depression body has disrupted hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and thyroid dysfunction decreasing libido, and in turn leading to infertility.

Acts leading to frequent suffering by STD’s:

Many habits such as sleeping around and unprotected sex can cause transmission of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). These can cause blockage of genital track and damage testis leading towards infertility.

-Wearing tight jeans:

Dr. Oyeyemi Olusegun Adeniyi say, One of the most recent habits that cause infertility is emerging fashion of wearing tight jeans. This not only causes over production of heat in scrotal sac but also cause genital tract inflammation and retains blood circulation. This can seriously effect sperm production.

-Sitting for long periods:

This very unconscious practice can be one of the habits that cause infertility. Dr. Oyeyemi further say, Sitting for long periods of time cause lack of blood supply to the pelvic area and thus to genital organs. Lack of blood supply can lead to tissue necrosis. Experts suggest standing up every 45 minutes and spending at least 30 minutes a day on some exercise.

Source: Dr Oyeyemi Olusegun Adeniyi, DWN Africa.

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